Everyone looks for a perfect skin and we are always on the lookout for that magic cream that makes the skin look young and supple. However many do not realise that there is no such magic potion that can miraculously transform our skin. Skin care and prevention of ageing is a life long process akin to taking care of our general health.
Of the umpteen number of creams and lotion available in the market, two products stand out as the most important factors that determine a good looking skin. One is a good sunscreen that has to be applied regularly and the other is a retinol cream which is a vitamin A derivative.

Regular use of sunscreens is one of the best skin brightening techniques. Over a period of use one can notice clear cut changes on your skin which will be permanent as long as the sunscreen use is regular. Synthetic vitamin A or retinols act as anti ageing cream that improves fine lines and wrinkles and is also useful to remove acne marks and scars. Retinols are time tested and safe for long term use, however it is not recommended during pregnancy. Retinols are generally used at night time. It may cause a bit of exfoliation and sometimes burning , hence the retinol quantity must be tailored as per the tolerance level of the skin to the cream.

Other skin brightening creams which are of use are vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and other alpha and beta acids including lactic acid. Glycolic acid can be used in low strengths of 2 to 5% without causing much of skin irritation. As always do not forget to use sunscreen while using these anti ageing and skin brightening creams.
A diligent use of these skincare regimens will brighten dull skin and prevent long term skin damage and gives a cosmetic enhancement to the skin.


Acne commonly called as pimples or zits are a perennial problem for adolescents and young adults. Few know that the main cause for these zits are due to overgrowth of a normal bacteria on the skin called Propionibacterium acnes. 

These bacteria proliferate under a background of genetic influences and hormonal changes to cause plugging of the glands. The severity of acne differs for different individuals, however the ultimate aim of acne treatment is to prevent scarring on the skin. Scars in many people happen due to constant picking and bursting of the pimples.

Myths regarding acne abound. Common misconceptions are that acne is due to dirt or eating oily food. There seems to be no relationship  between food and acne. Another common belief is that only teenagers get acne. Any body can get acne. Some people use toothpaste and garlic to control acne. The consequences of using these maybe severe and may lead to significant allergic reactions. Acne is one of the common causes for significant morbidity on the facial skin. This can lead to low self esteem and hamper a person from performing optimally in his day to day activities.

Some simple home care regimens can help to control acne and scarring. A simple topical antibiotic like clindamycin helps to kill the acne causing bacteria. In addition a simple face wash containing sulphur can also help to control the population of the bacteria. A gentle face cleanser helps to soothe the skin and prevent secondary infection. Some face washes have salicylic acid which helps to decrease the acne and control the sebum secretion. A simple sunscreen helps to prevent acne pigmentation. 

As mentioned before, the importance of not picking acne can never be understated. Always consult your dermatologist for better and effective advise. Remember your dermatologist is the best care provider to save your skin from scarring and prevent long term sequelae. You and your dermatologist must work together to get the best suited treatment for your skin. Lastly never forget that acne is treatable. Healthy skin leads to a happy you and a happy you leads to a confident individual who performs to his best potential.