Xerina Soft Intense Moisturising Cream, 50gm


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  • Xerina soft cream is used as an exfoliant and helps remove dead cells
  • Xerina cream moisturises and exfoliates rough dry skin
  • Xernia cream is ideal for dry skin and can also be used on the elbows and other areas where skin is dry
  • It is generally used as a moisturiser for the feet, keeping them soft and supple as well as helping cracks and sores heal
  • Glycolic Acid penetrates the skin and is effective in treatment of fine lines, acne, blackheads etc
  • It works by reacting with top skin layer and breaks it down by dissolving sebum and other acne causing agents
  • Glycolic acid gently clears blocked pores, thus further treatments can penetrate easily
  • It also helps skin to regain elasticity
  • It unclogs clogged pores and also removes pigmentation on the skin


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